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In this segment, Geekodrome's own Don Stugots gives an earful of opinions and much needed guidance to various celebrities on his radar.

Short, sweet and to the point, Stugots doesn't need a lot of verbiage when he's talking smack. He's a busy man with things to do.


To see more of Don Stugots check out his youtube page.





Jon is a freelance developer and social media consultant with 10+ years of experience in the technology field. He started his career at AT&T and has since helped a number of startups in the NYC area – including WHI Solutions, The Media Power Group and Klickable.tv – in building their digital presences and their digital infrastructures. In his free time, he is an accomplished builder of Lego sculptures.  He regularly writes about social media, technology and other related topics on justjon.net.

Radio's own Don Stugots is an international dude of mystery and perhaps our greatest living renaissance man. Like most superheroes, his highest priority is, of course, saving lives. When he's not doing that he hosts 4 food specific online shows [Eat Up!, Eat Out, Kitchen Hax and Day Drinking] all of which can be found via his website www.HashtagHandsome.com. He is also the creative genius behind the Youtube cult favorite "Stugots Puppet." A true bro's bro, Don Stugots is the kind of guy Sinatra and Martin would look to for advice if they were still around. Make sure you follow him on twitter @DonStugots for some daily inspiration and wisdom.


Shell is a freelance video editor and graphic designer with over 20 years experience with broadcast, independent and corporate projects. She self-produced a feature documentary about Buzzy Linhart and went on the road with Van Halen in 2012 providing the band and their fans with content streamed on the big screen. When not editing, designing graphics or being opinionated on the Geekodrome podcast, she spends her time writing, drinking rootbeer and dreaming of cake. Stop by samechick.com for more info.

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